Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sick Shoe Game

For those who follow the blog, you know I'm about the whole package. DETAILS MATTER!!! I've focused on hats, now for the shoes/heels .... and at least once a week, something else in between...


  1. Guerre: This is my favorite post of all-time! "Sick Shoe Game" is so on point. Every image above is absolutely outstanding. Your ability to inspire is otherwordly, bro!

  2. I dont`t know if I can work those heels, but nevertheless the shoes you
    selected are awesome!! Thank you for posting!!

  3. men consistently have always had the best THE BEST shoes.

  4. I like the plaid, red suede shoes, that's a good look. The baby blue patents are nice but most of all I can really appreciate those orange heels with the strap around the ankles, CLASSSY........



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