Friday, August 14, 2009

Street Swag

New York City, NY

This is one of those shots I was on the fence about. Look is simple, nothing screams WHOA!!! (then again simplicity often works)... but I decided to post it because one thing I consider a no-no.

I'm diggin' the dress, and the look is so Betsy Johnson, but... THE NAIL POLISH MESSES UP THE LOOK FOR ME. SWAGGER RULE # 6 NAIL POLISH COMPLETELY ON OR OFF!!! (feel free to click photo to enlarge)

you tell me...


  1. she's a cute girl, it's a cute dress, so why not?

  2. The sweet dress with that tattoo -- wow!

  3. LOVE that dress and in fact, the whole look ; tattoo and all !
    Just been back from Italy and I must say that those Italians have a lot of SWAGGER too !!

  4. ok, i must admit i have a bad crush on feminine girls with all-tattooed arms... i simply love the contrast of cute and rough. and her tattoo is a brilliant piece of art!
    This is a nice day-style. If she would do fancy hair, a fascinator/hat or some matching jewelry, and a bit more make-up, the whole style could easily be an evening-whoa.

  5. If she was going to Betty Boop it up, I wish she had worn some cute heels.

  6. This girl is gorgeous, and her dress is amazing, but I feel the same way--HATE chipped nail polish. Coveting her dress, though.



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