Friday, July 10, 2009

Street Swag


So I noticed this chap from a distance... I approached and noticed it was someone I had posted 3 times and had retired from the blog. Well if Michael Jordan could do it, so could he. Out of retirement doing what FLY GUYS DO ... I welcome back Rafael.

I've always said that Swagger wasn't about ONLY what you wear, but more importantly how you live. It's about the little things, it's about enjoying life and embracing the dirt on your shoes knowing it's oh so nice to sit in the chair and get a shoe shine.
Live with Swagger.

In case you'd like to find this chap, you can find him stylin' at the Sean John Flagship store on 41st street and 5th ave. NYC, NY


  1. Has a gangsta swag, with the elegance of a gentleman. While I don't believe the two can coexist socially, you can definitely look like one. A very "smart" ensemble.

  2. I've been watchin this guy on this blog for sometime. I have to say he's my favorite gent to see(Besides Guerre himself). Very classic 19420's elegance. Who says young men don't have an old soul???!!!



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