Sunday, July 5, 2009

Runway Show

Brooklyn, NY
Part 1 of 2
Where streets are shut down to have fashion shows.
Where fashion and style come together.

Swagger 360 is Brooklyn's premier Street Style Blog because we Live with Swagger!
It's part of our everyday life and the world we are part of.

This is one of those things that make Brooklyn, New York the capital of COOL. Fashion Shows in the middle of the street that any one can attend... fashions that anyone can purchase... but a cool that's reserved for only certain individuals.

Live with Swagger!


  1. great weather, fairs, parties, shows on the streets: sounds wonderful.
    love the outfit on the last pic...fierce!!!

  2. Amazing Concept and I have to say the last photo of the blue jumpsuit with the pattern is brilliant!
    I want!:)

  3. man I want everything on here!!!Man I need to hurry up and get to NY



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