Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Street Swag

Brooklyn, NY

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Some gentlemen seem to always be flawless. This is one of those guys that just has a timeless feel, classic cool. Each of the shots I took of this chap was on a weekend and have yet to catch him on an off day.


  1. Wow, he's got great style; one of my Swagger favourites!

  2. flawless. i wish there was a shot of the bag, it looks great too!

  3. flawless indeed ! I'm so in love with those hats this Summer !!
    Great 1920ies- 1930ies style ...

  4. He is very classy, very 1950's cool, almost summer time during the civil rights movement cool. i love how the jacket and hat mesh well together, and the band compliments the pants well. What's great about it is, the look will never go out of style. Ten years from now this gentleman will still be respected for his style. because it's clean and classic.

  5. Simply Crisp!! With a lightness from the inside out. The brothers style is flawless. I would like to see his Swagger in slow-motion.

  6. There's just something 'so cool'' about this gent. It's something that is not forced almost unconscious and beyond him. Simple and classic, is always in style.

  7. Now that's what I'm talking about!
    That's how my grandfather dressed!
    Why can't guys dress something like that! Tired of seeing the typical Roca Wear, Sean John and the like...



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