Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brooklyn Rooftop Swag

Brooklyn, NY

So, I decided to post this chap again based on a few requests and suggestions (and you know I certainly aim to please.) If you get tired of him... feel free to let me know.

'cause even a modern day gentleman knows the secret of CASUAL FLY (remember you heard it here first...I made that up!)


  1. that cat got swag !!! the shirt is nice , love the colors !

  2. that's what I call a multi-coloured shirt !
    He's so 3008 !!

  3. The multicolor madras button down is so FuZz Gueere man. I need that in my life. Thats how you go casual on em

  4. LOVE this guy Guerre- I can't think of anyone who could pull off that madras shirt better than him- um, well, maybe you as well! Keep him comin'!



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