Friday, June 12, 2009

Blame it on the rain...

Truly a dreary day, there was no Swagger worth reporting... however, my one of a kind hand made Italian umbrella sure did brighten up the New York streets. (You know the rain doesn't stop ME!... just another reason to pull out another accessory!)


  1. i need to get me one of those!!

  2. If anyone is interested, I have access to one more of these with a different color handle and a few women umbrellas. If you're umbrella shopping, send me an e-mail.

  3. Lovely umbrella ! I hate them myself (they are a pain in the b***) but recently I bought a number that would make even you jealous ! I call it my little Madame Butterfly umbrella....:-)

  4. Dominica... send me a photo of the 'Madame Butterfly' umbrella.



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