Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swagger After Dark

Brooklyn, NY

The word for today boys and girls is SUPERCLEAN. It may actually be 2 words super clean... but this gentleman can spell it whatever way he wants.


  1. Although I really like this look... there are 2 things that would make it perfect for me.
    1. I need to see at least an inch of shirt cuff
    2. A hat.

  2. True - but he did his very best didn't he.....the tie is fabulous and the hankie is edgy (in combination with the tie) Love it when a man is trying a bit edgy ....:-)

  3. Hmmm... I was so busy being glassy eyed that I didn't see anything wrong...

  4. If I may, firstly what´s with this new trend I seem to see springing up all over America (NY in particular) of Dudes wearing shoes without socks, such as the picture above?
    I simply do not get this trend and heaven forbid it catches up in London and if indeed it does, thats one fashionable sartorial moment where you´d need me strapped in a dentist chair in deepest punjab province before I will ever succumb and even so I doubt very much I will!

    Karl-Edwin your right!

    There is (apart from the obvious lack of sock) a dying need of this dude to show some cuff, at least an inch or two! That jacket is crying out so loud for some cuffs the pocket square is almost self-imploding!

    Its time you added a fashion style does and don´t to this blog! A whole nation of ´cats´ is reaching out to you!

    Hogan. London-England.


    As for the tie knot, his report card would read 7/10. Could do much better if only he applied himself!



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