Friday, May 15, 2009

Street Swag

NYC by way of BX
(for those who don't know New York talk... that means Manhattan by way of the Bronx)

Young, Clean, Fresh.... THE FUTURE LOOKS GOOD!


  1. yummy ! whats his name and number ? lol
    ok lets be serious... nice swag, love the jeans jacket , i m glad jeans jackets are coming back.
    nice post!

  2. Scarf and rolled up sleeves.... almost seems like a contradiction .... but damn it, that's what life's all about. something tells me if 9 other guys walked into the room with a jean jacket, none would do it like him ... even if they tried (and he's not even trying hard.)

  3. I agree with both of the ladies said above yeah hes attractive, at first thought a jean jacket with rain boots would turn me off , but he is doing it so well I cant complain at all hes showing his roots in this one .. love it!

  4. He looks so pensive. And not un-attractive!

  5. Great look. I love the shoes insane amounts. Thanks for the sweet comment xoxo

  6. About time the Bronx gets up on here!
    And yes, the young man has true Street Etiquette... Always well dressed...

  7. Love this one, great find as usual and nice to see some swagger from the Bronx.



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