Monday, April 6, 2009

Swagger Sounds Bites

Because Swagger is not just what you wear, Swagger 360 brings you closer to those who walk the walk.

Alexander Mars,
Custom Clothier

Also take a look at a link sent by Marie of Amour Fou.
(Thank you Marie)


  1. great interview! I can't stop preaching, that every man should have at least one custom made suit. A bespoken suit
    with a perfect fit turns every man into somebody special.
    I have some links on this subject here:

  2. Impeccably dressed. Good interview, I like his story of how he met his wife.

  3. Thank you Marie for the link... I've posted it up on the site as well.

  4. I love his conclusion about style and Fashion. Fashion is about society, culture and style is something´s true. Good job!!!!

  5. Guerre Adding this portion to the blog really sets you apart from the masses. The first to go with video interviews to the blog. Most of all I love this guys ideology behind getting dressed.



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