Thursday, April 23, 2009

You call the Swag.

Photo via Altamira NYC

Photo via

So, the top photo was taken earlier this winter, after I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot 3 of the gentlemen the same day by a photographer who has been inspirational in my growth as a blogger (Altamira). The second photo was taken during Paris Fashion Week (a few months later).... by.... who cares (smiling)

I consider you viewers of this blog the true judges of Swagger... so you call it.

Live with Swagger.


  1. great post !honestly i prefer the first picture.Kanye and his crew are a little too flashy for my taste and the louis vuitton thing OUT !

  2. i thought that was you in the 1st picture!

  3. Well I like the first pic!! Love how all of the gentlemen come together to represent for the cause called style. And your right, were not going to talk about who the second photo is by!!! lol! However, I will say both groups are needed in this world of style. As a collective the each individual in both groups show swagger at its best. To be real I can't compare the two.

  4. I love all these styles ; it's not about what I would like to see a man's how he get's away with it and each and every individual here has GOT IT !
    For me personally, I would prefer the outfits of the 1st pic but the 5th man from the left in the 2nd pic, looks FAB to me...the coat, hat and the briefcase are so chique...that's the closet look to me I guess...(have to admit I have some yellow sneakers too somewhere ..have to find them and catch up on my look !)

  5. You can’t want swag and I promise u can’t buy it and even if u could a black card would be declined for inefficient funds and you defiantly can’t get it and if u don’t know u have it then I guarantee u don’t got it.... your either born with it or you’re not..... But the swag lesion of the day is....... If you’re trying to-be, act, and look like someone ells then u automatically know they got and u DONT!!!!! AKA swag school 101.

    You can coment or get lessions of the day or ask questins abot my swag school but i can tell you we are pritty full.. but we do need a janitor....



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