Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Submitted Swag

Long Island, NY

I receive plenty of submissions, plenty of looks... but wont post them unless something jumps out...something that whispers (or screams) "I'm comfortable in my skin". I like this young lady's looks because they work with her, simple, clean, nothing over the top. Both the outfits and her look come together... beautifully.

(more in the comment section)


  1. Now... let's get right to it.... I like the outfits but... I would really love the "look" if there was a little more. some type of necklace, scarf, bracelets... the things that make this different than anyone else who may have worn the same thing. it's the details that make the look standout... give me more details (not a lot, just more) and this woman would be a constant show stopper.

  2. She gets it right ...EVERY time !
    The girl's got style !
    And she knows how to work it !

  3. I love the second one! I love the whole combination of textures and patterns, looovely.

  4. NICE... she really knows how to put together an outfit and you camera attracts all the swagger in every pic keep doing your thing.. she has style and swagger..



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