Monday, March 2, 2009

Street Swag


  1. love the colours and the different checks...perfect! dont like the boots, but hey, i keep gaping at the great jacket instead.

  2. Hey Guerre! Was in your hood this past weekend. My first time there, I love it. I like your shots of this guy..very nice.

  3. To me rhis is street chic at it's best. I would call him Mr. Soho, because he repreents new yorks trendyy scene. Probably reading too much into it. But love his use of color and accessories

  4. o wow! where do i even begin? everything is so perfect, and even though he's doing a lot, it all flows so well, that he looks nonchalant.
    the necklace with the various long and keys, and that golden tassel hanging down, which is secured by the epaulet. he knows exactly what he is doing!
    and of course he's pretty easy on the eyes.

  5. dirty, this blog is too gangsta


  6. nice... funny i found this dude in some pictures on myspace I think I might have even been the same day you took these....Nice shots though



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