Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Submitted Swagger

A fellow Photographer surprised me and just sent me the photos he had taken during the last Fashion Week in NY. I figured I'd share them with you in preparation for New York Fashion Week which kicks off next week.

Many styles.... Same result.

to view more of the images of Bobby Lee:


  1. My style brotha was killin em hard durin fashion week!!!! True swagg at its best!!!

  2. My god! He looks fantastic! Seriously...the attire, the attitude, it's all about not being chromophobic and he gets a perfect combination...lovely!

  3. such great style. Dapper but still casual at the same time.

    I like how in the 4th look he is wearing looser jeans, usu. we see this look but with skinny jeans.. And the pocket square in the lower pocket is a nice touch. It's really the little details that make such a difference. And I love knit ties too.

    My favorite is the 4th. And I love a statement jacket like in the last.

  4. you are dreamy in every flick ;)

    keep it up...let's cause trouble at the tents together!


  5. Wow ! You are so lucky !
    Great idea to share great pictures !

  6. Is this you?! Because you definitely should get more photos of your style up here - u look great! Love that last jacket and the vests - very nice.

  7. Amazing! The first photo is absolutely beautiful:colourful, brightful,cheerful and as... manifique!

    Best wishes,
    fashion abuse

    ps. Would you mind if I add your link to my blog?


  8. Eye popping WOW! Totally Love the Swagger! WOW



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