Monday, February 23, 2009

Fashion Week Swag


The Swagger here is not the coat, it was seeing something in him from a distance that makes you say..."hey, that's a cool , fun, down-to-earth guy." Sure enough, I didn't even ask if he had on long-johns... but you see the result. Swagger is fun, free-spirited, and comfortable enough to be yourself.


  1. sweet craziness! love him for showing his long-johns, and the coat, and for the laughter...dig that!

  2. Oh my god he look great !

  3. i feel now the style of fashion week has been focusing more on personal style. in the past i felt it was all about the fashion crowd wearing the of the moment items. (which im sure still is the case) but ive been noticing people wearing things from seasons ago or just doing their own thing, like this guy here! how fun!!

    and i think a great smile and a sense of humor are one's best accessories!!

  4. The coat is most def the clencher for me. He wears it well. The YSL bag is definetly sick. Gives you that i'm a label hog and so what feel!!!!

  5. -h of candid cool hit it on the head... the great smile and sense of humor are the best accessories!!! Swagger isn't about what you rock as much as it's how you rock it and how you OWN what you rock by making it yours.

    cause it's in your closet doesn't mean you OWN IT!!! Those with Swagger know what I mean.



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