Thursday, January 8, 2009

Swagger After Dark

I'm curious to read your comments ...

Brooklyn, NY


  1. Looks like his shirt is Burberry !
    Great look with the bow-tie ( I just love those) and his 'bretelles' ...

    Your blog inspired me in getting a Ray Ban (again) and I am changing the shades into clear glasses...(next fall or so)
    But first I will enjoy it because the shades are 2toned...very nice I have to say !!
    I'll show you in one of my next posts ...

    take care !

  2. I just have to give it to this Gentleman.... it take confidence to rock what he is and how he's rockin' it. I'm not sure I would rock the 'braces' on top of the waistcoat...but that's what makes it HIS thing. Also, i'm not crazy about the fit of the pants, I would have prefered a closer fit...but hey, that's just me.
    I give him 4 out of 5 Swag Stars... can I get an Amen?

  3. Classic fresh here. I dig how dude looks so natural in such dressy gear.

  4. Love love love love love this style! So gentleman-ly and suave... Great shots.

  5. The suspenders & bow tie coordination blow me away!




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