Sunday, January 4, 2009

Swagger After Dark

Different Styles... Same Brooklyn SWAGGER!!!

Brooklyn, NY

To view more photos from The new year's party at Tamboril's check out The Minority Report (photos will be posted in the next few days)


  1. Wow ! So many detail !
    A feast for the eye...even in the 2nd picture, on the left down, I see this gorgeous piece of a high heeled the left girls bangles and earrings but the girl on the right looks just FAB !
    The 4th picture : I only see but style !
    Love the 2nd guy from the left ; the 3rd guy looks even a bit like Johnny Depp..great shot !
    My personal fave outfit would be the one from the girl in the 1st picture (on the right) Her clutch ROCKS !!

  2. the 2 chicks in the 2nd picture look AMAZING!

  3. Thank you for posting these pictures.
    Love your work...

  4. To me all of the females represent different verieties of what sexy is. But to me the biggest statements are made by the fellas in the last to pics. The very last joint screams I'm from Marcy son!!! lol! Real raw street energy. Even though i'm mad Nike is getting lazy with their sneakers(hence forth the throw back kick crayz)it did my heart good to see dude with the pippens. The second to last one really was pure art. I love to photos of men dressed up, but some how keep the tough guy edge.



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