Friday, January 9, 2009

Submitted Swagger

I recently had a conversation with a bright young lady about the trend of youngsters wearing their pants half down ... I argued that it didn't take much Swagger to pull it off, but by the end of the conversation, she somehow planted a seed that Swagger was about self expression... ( I of all people should have known that, but those seeking wisdom are always, I continue to learn as well.)

Today I decided to post Milt-fresh a fellow blogger who would never wear his pants half least I'm sure not in public... I posted him because I know that some wont get his style... but one thing is undeniable about this Gentleman, he has Swagger. He lives it, understands it, respects it and isn't pretending it.
Hats off to you Milt-Fresh (stingy brim in my case)and thank you for the photos.

...and yes, I see Fresh runs in the family, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!!
The Milt Fresh Experience

Ohh, don't get it twisted, you still wont see no crazy saggy pants on this Blog!!!


  1. Love the Milt Fresh experience ! We both have a weak-spot for vivid coloured (mens) shoes !!

    Is that his mum in the picture ?
    Indeed ... the apple...
    He must be very proud with a stylish mum like that !

  2. This is one of those Gents that you know takes his time and has fun dressing (which I always think is ones(partial) reflection on their views of life.)

    I never met him, yet I can tell he would never go to a store and buy an outfit from the shop window ... This cat puts his pieces on with personality.

    5 Star Swag.

  3. ...and yes, that is his mum.

    which reminds me... please submit photos of older generations , I'd like to put up a special post soon.

    thank you all.

  4. Dammmmnnnnn. Look at that coat. Love!

  5. Thank you for the love, I appreciate it. As I always saym this site represents what true swagger and style is to the fullest. Guerre keep being the true visionary. Once again good look on the post!!

  6. SWAGGER IS NOT A PURPLE TRENCH COAT. You've GOT to be kidding. He looks like a clown.

  7. to anonymous...
    When I posted this photo,I figured i'd get all types of responses,which I encourage and welcome. If you read what is written above the picture, what I've written on the side of the Blog, and take a look at the link to Milt-Fresh's Blog, maybe you'll understand why I posted this Gentleman. I have seen people buy the 'outfits' out the store window, this cat obviously doesn't just wear it cause it's in the store window or cause he saw it on tv, he is meticulous about his style... I am very particular in my me when I say I study my subjects. Swagger is not about what you wear, but a reflection of how you live and a reflection of the individual that you are. That's what I try to capture.
    I invite you to give me an example of people you feel have Swagger, and if you don't mind tell me why you think they have Swagger.

    I Thank you for the comment and welcome you to continue expressing yourself on the Blog whenever you feel like it. You keep me sharp and keep me striving to catch Swagger while seperating style from fashion... thank you

    Live with Swagger



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