Monday, December 29, 2008

Swagger After Dark

Brooklyn, NY


  1. I just love clothes with a sense of humour !
    Great gloves too...Have black similar ones but I always feel a bit kinky in them...people are looking at me like : what is that sweet little lady doing with gloves like that ??
    Is she into S&M or something ?? LOL
    I must admit I have the same in brown leather too and they look a bit more demure...

  2. I have seen plenty of t-shirts with ties or bow ties and tuxedo themes ... but this one has character. Something about all the elements with this lady make it her style. whether you like the style or not, there is no denying she has that something about her that lets you know she's doin' her own thing. Swagger.

  3. That top is out of here ! I like how she's rocking it very seriously but the outfit is obviously a bit whimsical.



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