Monday, December 15, 2008

Swagger After Dark

Pea Coats, Double Breasted, Millitary Coats always seem to work magic(when worn right.. the closer the fit, the better the look.)



  1. It's just NOT fair ! All these great looking guys and men and in the first place well dressed men, live all close to you !!
    My favourite is the 3rd & 4th picture !
    I love his choker !
    And escpecially the colour of it !

    (I must admit I must not complain, as I have THE best dressed man in my house of all Belgium...)

    take care !

  2. I'm diggin' the first 2 looks... the last 2 Gentlemen together have the idea... but somehow miss Swagger Status. I think the Coats fit a little too large.
    1st Gent... 5 Star Swag
    2nd Gent... 5 Star Swag
    3rd & 4rth..3 Star Swag (fit is everything)

  3. really like the color on the second coat. very flattering.

  4. thanks so much ♥

    I added you too!

  5. As a lover and a collector of fine men's coats, I must say these are of great quality. And anyone of these I would purchase. However I do see what you mean with the last two. But they get a pass from me. I like Homey in the tan's vibe. The best coat by far has to be the first. The fit is perfect and it's well constructed. Thankyou for this post, men need to know the importance of a great coat

  6. The gentleman with the gold scraf, nicely done.

  7. It is imperative that men understand the importance of how a garment must be constructed. I absolutely adore the woman in the fur. I concur with the first two. The latter two are great because they know style. However, they are not stylish. HMMM!
    Luxurious Necessity.



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