Monday, December 1, 2008

Swagger After Dark

A coat is not always needed...


  1. OMGosh - I Abso-freaking-lutely LOVE it! Absolutely!

  2. I totally heart this cardigan !
    LOVE to have one myself (and am still in search of the perfect one out there...)

    Am also very 'into' his shoes...they would look great under the Paul Smith tuxedo my husband just bought this afternoon....
    Will post some pics of that one in a few days time ...

  3. I like the sweater...but i dont like the cloths so big...
    I like the sweater's style, but i'd like more if the sweater'd finish at belt's high

  4. I like the sweater and the shoes, but would have liked the look even more if the pants were an inch or 2 shorter and a tad more fitted. I also can't help but believe if that sweater had a belt, it would have been the ultimate. Maybe mi moleskine y yo is correct about the sweater looking better if it were a little tighter.
    4 Star Swag
    Dominica, I'd love to post the photo of your husband if he works that Paul Smith tuxedo. send it to

  5. It's the shoes!!!! No other thought comes to mind. Oh and that bag is ill too!!!! But the shoes would work right in my collection

  6. I looked again... i think it's perfecto! LOL

  7. I like the sweater but would love to see him in something with more structured. Moleskine is right.

    The shoes are a completely different style that don't come together. I can slice him in half and make two outfits.

    Shoes are too dressy for the casualness of a knit sweater.

    Im not sure about the style of glasses. They kinda sorta make sense with the shoes but not the sweater.



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