Friday, December 19, 2008

Street Swag

Second time around on the blog and still fly!!! This time he had on a pair of jeans.

So, I decided to make him a charater in an upcoming project.... I recently decided to team up with a few fellow Bloggers and Individuals with style (and of course Swagger) on a first of its kind project that we will be unvailing in 2009.

January 1st 2009 you'll get a sample only on this blog.



  1. That guy has got style and swaggers it like no one else!

  2. wwooowww! he is cool... love the spats! stylish and debonnaire.

  3. Wow ! (again, I start to sound boring..) and also again, I think you catch a lot more stylish, effortless people than the Sartorialist !
    Each day I'm looking forward to your posts ! I really do !

    Now about his style : I really like the details here, the spats and the 'pochette' in his upper pocket...
    If I was there yesterday, we could have gone out as an item (same print blouse, look at my recent post)
    Love him, LOVE HIM !!

  4. Once again the urban james Bond does it again!! This guys style is really chic. This guy really knows how to create understated bold looks!!!! The spats are most definetly my style!!!!! Any young gentleman who can crush spats in the 08 era most definetly wins cool points! A+++ effort!!!

  5. I'm glad you no one is upset to see this frequent flyer aboard once again. It is due to the comments like that of 'Milt-Fresh' (whose photo I will be posting in the near future)that I decided to make this man the Internet James Bond.... I can't wait to see what all of you think. Be sure to start the year (Jan 1st post)and get a glimpse of the upcoming project with both Bloggers and Swagger Subjects that I will be undertaking.

  6. love the pocket square and the cufflinks. very nice...and the spats and the look and the swagger. yes.

    do me a favor and give him my number. thanks.



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