Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Street Swag

First Snowfall of the year.



  1. She looks sweet in the second picture down but I think she's a real kitty-cat in real life...:-O

    Her stocking are very special...or is it a piece of the shoe we can see ?
    And I have to say, she made an effort in not losing out on style even with bad & cold weather ...
    People around the globe and especially here in Antwerp should be more like that !
    extra Swag points for her !!

  2. Now while most people run from the cold and snow, a few brave souls brace it and embrace it with style. I like the stockings (camouflage) peeking out of the heels, and usually i'm not a big fan of what I call the mc hammer pants... but she rocks this well and does it with very little effort - she actually makes me like the pants style. I like the detail on the pocket and the coat... nice touch.

    Like Dominica said...on a snowy day, swagger is coming out with style. Extra Swag Points.
    Simple with a touch of personality... 5 Star Swag

  3. let me say this, I love the outfit. But i'm a firm beleaver in wearing Fur. SO SCREW PETA!!!! dead serious!!! there are many fashion foward trend followers who are starting to turn there noses up at fur, knowing for decadeds Fur has always been one of the major ways to show luxery. Yes people feel fur is over the top or too much and needs to be done in

  4. nice ♥

    glad I found your blog . . .always nice to see more of nyc.

    I remember that night - I think I caught a cold from all the snow caught up in my hair.

  5. 1: Fur does not show luxury, it shows stupidity. Ignorant people does not look fashionable, they look unmodern and...just stupid. those days are so over. Luxury isn't what it used to be, fur isn't status anymore, status is to be intelligent, responsable, to care about the environment and other species than ourself. Sorry, fur is so not hot. Anyone can buy a dead animal, but not anyone knows how to show intelligent style!

    2: She needs to get rid of that sig...Not cute.

    I'm all for the harem pants though:)

  6. damn yo she's rockin that cig and the fur!

    lookin fly girl!!!

  7. Gotta LOVE the pants! Wish she could have expanded them for us.. why not??? LOL

    I like fur.. this one didn't do much for me.. but the pants are banging! Gotta love the pants! ;)



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