Saturday, December 20, 2008

Commentaries and Notes

Open note in response to a fellow blogger's comment on the last post.

I've come to realize that there is a difference between Street Fashion and Street Style.... I am committed to showcasing Street Style and will leave Street Fashion to the others. To me Street Fashion is nothing more than looking in the window at Macy's or Sax’s (and looking at the mannequins)... but Street Style is what you who visit this Blog are about... you all live it in your every day life.
Hats off to Dominica and all you who visit the site (and leave comments).

Swagger is spreading the love, so I invite you to visit some of those who visit Swagger 360 (more links later ).

Faces and Places of Antwerp
(she makes me want to visit this place... and I will one day!)

Pret a Porter P
(Style and Class.... let me say that again STYLE AND CLASS!)

Altamira NYC
(models, editors, socialites... Street Fashion at its best!)

(finalist in The Best Fashion Blog of Norway ... enough said!)

Mayk all day every day
(always fresh, always fly ... gotta catch you on the street one day!)

Amour Fou
(always worth checking... funky and dope!)

Wendy Brandes Jewelry
(Jewelry line is CRAZY!.. find the link via her Blog)

The Milt- Fresh Experience
(in a class of his own. This cat lives STYLE!)

Mi moleskine y Yo
(you can tell he just gets it!)

(just plain fun!)

Be sure to check them out over the weekend, you may find a hidden treasure.

Live with Swagger



  1. Thank you so much for these nice words !
    (blush blush)
    Have allready visited the other blogs and yeah .... some great (hidden) diamonds and pearls !
    That's what makes blogging so much fun to do ...

    have a great weekend !

  2. Good look fam, this site really is a breath of fresh air to the style world

  3. thank you!!! sooo many great, inspirational people.

  4. awwwwwww


    much love to you - have a great holiday week ♥



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