Saturday, November 22, 2008

Swagger After Dark



  1. I'm jealous of her hair ! Those curls...amazing !
    As for the dress, the belt reminds me of my own outfit 1 week ago with the McQueen dress and purple belt (look in older posts)...
    Amazing dress and the colour suits her complexion well...

  2. On this female I dig her soultry and simplistic vibe that this outfit gives off.From the coat to the dress, this is a fit that can be worn anywhere. Can be worn to work, to dinner or the after hours hang out.It's whaever the female makes it.

  3. fabulous and gorgeous!!

    her hair is amazing as well

  4. This was one of those post that i thought twice about posting... without question, this is an attractive woman... however this site is not simply about a pretty face... it's about Swagger. There is nothing flashy about her...but that is where the Swagger comes in...something quiet, simple, classic. and as mentioned by Dominica, the color of the dress....dead on.
    as said by h of candid cool, hair... amazing.



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