Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Swagger After Dark

Brooklyn, NY


  1. thanx for your comment! so now i found your site...and wow: this is a bohemian rhapsody. love this decadent looking gentleman.
    and your statements...i underline every single one of them!!!

  2. You know what? I like it.. I like it alot! I will add you my list of cool blogs to follow..Perhaps one day I can do an article on your blog.. You seem to fit the bill (Creative, Soulful & Sexy) Take care love.

  3. i like it ! he looks like raphael saadiq!

  4. dandy meets gentleman meets Pieter Porters (for me ...)
    I LOVE the the Essentiel store in Antwerp, there was a similar model (but not a vintage one, more a replica) and my husband mentioned it to me...makes me also think about that very stylish movie of the late eighties...9 and 1/2 weeks...I remember Kim Basinger had the same model when she had to cross-dress as a man to meet Mickey Rourke in this reastaurant...
    loved that scene and the outfit too !!

    love the blog btw....will follow it !
    warmly, Do XXX

  5. It's all about the shoes..

    I like how you have real people's style.. I never have the nerve to ask people if I can photograph them! :)

  6. This Gentleman has his Swagger down! it's about being comfortable, confident, and an individual who dares to be out the box.
    killer cap toes.
    5 Star Swag

  7. Yeah.. very good. I like this guy. The sartorialist took a shot of him on the streets on NYC earlier in the month. He has an amazing look. Good job.. I like you blog!

  8. Hi Karl, thanks for stopping by my blog and giving such a lovely comment. Is that you in the pics? If so you've got a great sense of self in your style. If you want to exchange links and blog subscriptions, I'd be honoured to put you in my links I love section.

    Wishing you the very beet!

  9. I actually got that "full-face Venetian mask" at a garage sale for 2 bucks recently! Well they said folks are selling their most precious & sentimental items in this fragile economy....

    Google that "name" and you should find some shops.. Or even (dare I say) eBay!

  10. great style.fab shoes,like the two tone detail and scarf.

  11. Nice photos, I especially like this backdrop too! Blog's nice nice nice, and I fully agree with your view on swagger. Swagger and style shouldn't be something you can go and purchase, it should be instilled in you from the first time you laid eyes on a pair of jordans/air forces/dunks etc... well hey you get the picture. Keep it up G...

  12. yo i know him! that's SHIMEON! i met him at union square, he's a cool dude...



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