Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Submitted Swag

This photo was submitted from one of the Blog followers from Germany. (I encourage occasional submissions)

Munich, Germany

click on photo to enlarge.


  1. punk rock style is back!! especially in europe , German elle magazin had a special about DOC MARTENS does anyone remember those shoes? anyways if u are a kid of the 90 ´s you know them!!!.love this style love the hairstyle on the second pic ! vive le punk !!

  2. Now this young lady has attitude, spunk, style, and looks... But the holes in the stockings kinda kill the look for me. I do understand the whole punk rock thing, but I still like organized confusion... I would have loved the look if the rips were symetric (and looked like a little work was put into it...but maybe that would defeat the point of punk rock.) I like the mix of leathers and the pink against black. Her playfulness shows she's probably the life of the party. 4 Star Swag

  3. She's cute, I like her hairstyle, it fits her face. Not a big fan of leather on leather, but the black dress with the pink brastraps showing is hot.

  4. she definately got an individual style..nowadyz its important 2 b different and 2 xpress ur own personality..really like her swag..
    like my girl rox says "vive le punk";)

  5. I'm noticing in a lot of young trendy females the whole ripped stockings thing is becoming more prevelant. I don't know I like it as long as it's dressed up properly. And out of all the females i've seen do it, she does it the best. Really females have to be careful that this doesn't become a look of poverty instead of luxery!! Example Ripped jeans and distressed denim

  6. I love this, Her earrings and the leather dress remind me of a time where women were not afraid to be a mix of soft and hard..... well done!




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