Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sew Far, Soul Good

Swagger After Dark... for the Grown and Gexy

Throughout the week I will be posting photos from the 2 (and possibly 3) events I attended this weekend (the weekend is still young.)
I will be posting some beautiful people ... some well dressed people ... but more importantly I will be posting those with SWAGGER. so enjoy and feel free to leave feedback.

The following photos are just a taste of Sew Few, Soul Far (Part 2)a Keistar Productions (, Minority Report (The Minority Report), and Stylistic Agency Presentation.



  1. Looks like a very serious Grown and Sexy affair. Would love to attend. I must say I dig homey's Royal blue Military Jacket. He finds a way to give it an edge. And dude from Brooklyn Circus is killin the suit game!!!

  2. i love the menswear. and i think your blog's excellent, actually! i love streetstyle blogs, so this is kind of a gem!



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