Thursday, October 30, 2008

Street Swag

Jeans, Kicks, and Brooklyn Attitude

Brooklyn, NY

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  1. As mentioned before, I'm not big on this particular look, however it is one of many popular looks both in the States and abroad so, I have to give it some shine. I like 3 things about this Gentleman's look ... 1. That he rolled up the sleeves of the jacket, it gives a casual cool look.
    2. The color combination. the colors are bold and pop so nothing blends in and is confused giving this a rough look.
    3. His attitude and the style work well together. It looks like he's comfortable and that this isn't a uniform but really an expression of himself.
    4 Star Swag

  2. i like how he wears the shirt as a jacket, and it almost looks like he's doing a triple denim look.
    i wish i saw more men dressed like him.

  3. Hey! Thanks alot for the comment, I really liked these pictures alot and will deffo stay tuned for new posts!


  4. I've been going through the entire blog. You're a great photographer and I really appreciate how you look past things that would particularly suit you, and simply celebrate the eccentricity of the world around you.

    Keep up the good work. Also, this gentleman that you photographed is a great musician. His name is Theophilus London: one of his most recent creations was for Gucci (the brand, not the rapper) in order to recognize the release of a new shoe.



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